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Health/ Wellness Coordinator (Lawrence, MA)

Health/Wellness Coordinator (Lawrence) The Heath/Wellness Coordinator will work with staff and families to help them understand children’s healthy growth and development. S/he will Understand the general principles of health and wellness, including promotion, prevention, early identification, and intervention. This position reports to the Director of Early Head Start. Duties -Assist children and families to address challenges that affect their well-being, promote resilience, and strengthen protective factors; -Share culturally, linguistically, and developmentally-appropriate science-informed health education materials with children, families, and staff; -Collect and use child and family health history, including current health needs, to help children and families achieve optimal wellness -Apply the principles of health literacy when communicating with staff and families; -Assist eligible families to access health insurance for themselves and their children; -Help families identify and overcome barriers to completing further diagnostic testing, follow-up, and treatment; -Plan and oversee ongoing training to meet programmatic health and safety requirements; -Maintain effective recordkeeping systems, and accurately track individual child and family health information; -Conduct ongoing monitoring activities to assure healthy and safe program practices and implement improvements as needed; -Establish partnerships with local health care providers to support the health needs of children and families and promote healthy communities; -All other duties as assigned by your supervisor. Qualifications -Must possess the qualifications required for their positions in accordance with EEC regulations; -Have a working knowledge of the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) and other federal, tribal, state, and local requirements regarding health and safety in early care and education; -Must believe that children and families have the right to be healthy and safe; -Know current pediatric periodicity schedules (EPSDT), dental periodicity schedules, and immunization recommendations and requirements, and understand screening, assessment, and examinations results; -Be familiar with individual child and adult nutritional needs, preferences, and special dietary requirements including feeding recommendations for infants (e.g., breastfeeding, introduction of solids) and young children (e.g., food allergy/ intolerance, portion size, BMI) -Understand how the attitudes, beliefs, and traditions of individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders affect health practices -Experience working with at risk families and infant, toddlers and Preschool; -Ability to provide workshops and trainings to adult learners and program participants; -Must be able to give feedback and work cooperatively on a team

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