2017 Leadership Conference

Welcome to the 2017 New England Leadership Conference.  I hope you’ll find your workshops stimulating and thought-provoking and that you’ll have a good time meeting parents and staff from our region.  The workshops are organized in four tracks:

        Foundations for Head Start Parent Leaders

        Parent Leadership Beyond the Basics



Each workshop will have content designed primarily for that track, but anyone may go to any workshop.  Participants are registered for specific workshops; rooms and materials have been set up for that number of people.  Please check with the registration table before switching workshops.


Our great experiment this year is electronic workshop and conference evaluations.  Please use the hotel’s business center or your own devices to go to the New England Head Start Association website (https://www.newenglandheadstart.org) where you’ll find a link to access the evaluations.  Please take the time to fill them out.  They provide excellent guidance to the conference planners to make this event better meet the needs of our regional community. Please let us know what you think of this new process.  It certainly saves paper (and trees) as well as the labor involved in collating your response.  However, Alvin Toffler, author of Futures Invention, wrote, “Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate.”  We’ve worked hard to try to eliminate the bugs, but first time around . . . it may not be perfect.  Please ask an NEHSA Board member or volunteer for help if you run into a glitch.


Please visit with our exhibitors and support them.  Their support helps make conferences like this possible.  . . . and don’t forget to visit our NEHSA merchandise table.  Returning this year after many years of absence are the popular children’s hand print and diversity scarves along with (a few) children’s hand print ties for dads to complement our usual cornucopia of useful gifts and wares.  






Jeanne Agri, Chairperson                Marianne Miller

NEHSA Board of Directors                Executive Director